jQuery Smooth Scroll

Since the plugin is damn simple this page will documentation in terms of QA. If you have any question ask in our newly launched forum https://forum.digitalliberation.org/category/9/jquery-smooth-scroll

Q. How to disable scroll to top button?
A. To disable you need to add the following code to your functions.php (preferred child theme) or site specific plugin. This will help you retain the setting even after plugin update.

add_action( 'wp_head', 'remove_my_class_action' );
function remove_my_class_action(){
	global $jQuerySmoothScroll;
	remove_action( 'wp_footer', array( $jQuerySmoothScroll, 'wp_footer_lol' ) );

Please note any modification made directly to the plugin will be lost with next update. All customization should be made in your child theme. For any help ask in the forums.